Italy is without a doubt loved by many perhaps for its immense history, many breathtaking landscapes, many beautiful cities, for the beautiful islands in the Mediterranean or perhaps for a varied and delicious cuisine.

But what we can visit and see in the beautiful country?


On a trip to Italy, Rome certainly cannot be missed.

The capital is also called the Eternal City, a very long history that has laid the foundations for many other cultures in Europe.

Full of monuments, squares and museums. Here’s what to visit in Rome:

A. The Colosseum

B. The Roman Forum

C. The Pantheon

D. The Trevi Fountain

E. Navona Square

In Rome, you certainly cannot miss the Vatican City … a small city within Rome, where the Pope is seated;

Here are the things not to miss:

A. St. Peter’s Square

B. St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest basilica in the world

C. Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s main work: The Last Judgment

D. Vatican Museums

Rome has many other artifacts and historical places not to be missed …


They are the two Italian cities that attract more tourists. In fact, they are both beautiful cities.

In Florence, we can’t miss visiting:

A. The Cathedral

B. “Uffizi” Gallery and its famous paintings

C. Signoria Square: a true open-air museum

D. Brunelleschi’s Dome:

Venice full of canals and gondola rides, a perfect destination for a romantic holiday. The Carnival of Venice, every year in February, attracts so many tourist every single year

But in Venice you can also visit:

A. Piazza San Marco: it’s city’s heart and the pigeon area!

B. Saint Marco Basilica with Golden Mosaics

C. The Ducal Palace

D. Bridge of sighs: the famous bridge in Venice

E. Murano, famous for the production of glass and Burano typical colored houses.


The Shakespearean city that made it famous in the world for the love and tragic fate of the Romeo and Juliet Tragedy

In Verona, it will be possible to admire:

A. Juliet’s house: you will have the chanceto visit the famous balcony

B. Piazza Bra, where the Arana is lacated

C.Erbe Square famous for markets, bars and restaurant terraces

D. The “San Zeno Maggiore” Cathedral, the oldest one inVerona

E. Castelvecchio is a 14th century castle converted into a museum.


Lake Maggiore, together with Como and Garda it’s one of the 3 largest, famous and beautiful lakes.

Lake Maggiore is particularly is well-known for its Islands:

***Island “Madre”, where you can visit its exotic garden with freely roaming peacocks.

***Island “Bella”, with the Borromini Palace, the garden and the shell cave

***Island “Superiore”, a fisherman Island


The best known natural park in Italy, with limestone rocks carved by the sea over the centuries … you can also see beautiful bays, stacks and fantastic caves …

Famous area for hiking, ancient trees, beautiful flora and fauna, and “Vieste”, a Town to be visited